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About Us

How our Staff Provides Care

All the children in our center will have a Primary Teacher. The primary-caregiver system ensures that every child has a “special” person and that each parent has a primary contact. Either the Lead Teacher or the Assistant Teacher will be your child’s primary.

The primary teacher forms a caring, nurturing, and responsive relationship with your child. In the classroom, they will be the “expert” on your child, knowing pertinent information like your child’s individual schedule, developmental abilities and special needs, sleeping needs, and individual interests. Having a primary caregiver gives children a secure base. They learn to trust someone familiar who will care for them as they explore and who will be there to comfort them when they are tired, upset, or frightened. Their relationship with a primary caregiver helps children feel secure enough to relate to other adults in the child care setting.

  • Low Staff turnover – Our program has serving families since 1999 staff average 8+ years with the program!

  • All staff meet Child Care Division or above standards for working in licensed childcare facility

  • SPARK Program Quality program

  • All lead teachers have at least 10 years experience

  • All staff LOVE working with children and plan experiences daily that will assist children in healthy development that prepares them for elementary school and beyond!

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